Below is a complete listing of Billiken Hall of Famers by sport. To learn more about the Billiken Hall of Fame, or to nominate candidates for the 2017 induction ceremony, please click here.

* multiple-sport student-athlete
^ inducted in the Distinguished Alum category


Shepard Barclay (inducted in 1995)

Mike Barger (inducted in 2003)

Jason Boehlow (inducted in 1998)

Brett Bredensteiner (inducted in 2011)

Dennis Cochran (inducted in 1995)*

Pat Conreaux (inducted in 2003)

Jim Dix (inducted in 1995)*

Tom Dix (inducted in 1995)

John Duncan (inducted in 1995)

Adam Gabris (inducted in 2007)

Joseph Gegg (inducted in 1996)^

Carl Gentile (inducted in 1994)*

Tony Hausladen (inducted in 2004)

Joe Hennessy (inducted in 1994)*

Mike Huelsmann (inducted in 2005)

Robert Hyland (inducted in 2001)^

John Jones (inducted in 1994)

Dan Leahy (inducted in 1994)*^

John Marcum (inducted in 1995)

Jim Murphy (inducted in 2002)*

Joe Ossola (inducted in 1995)*

Lee Pelligreen (inducted in 1995)

Nick Riggio, Sr. (inducted in 2011)

Dave Sever (inducted in 2015)

Marv Schatzman (inducted in 1995)

Mark Schwarz (inducted in 2013)

Tom Sullivan (inducted in 2000)

Charlie Vogt (inducted in 2015)^


Harold Alcorn (inducted in 1994)

Anthony Bonner (inducted in 1996)

Dick Boushka (inducted in 1976)

Vernon Bradburn (inducted in 2002)

William Bradburn (inducted in 2002)

George Burkel (inducted in 1997)

Cal Burnett (inducted in 1994)^

David Burns (inducted in 1999)

Erwin Claggett (inducted in 2001)

Bob Cochran (inducted in 1976)*

Dennis Cochran (inducted in 1995)*

Bob Cole (inducted in 2000)

Charley Dirksen (inducted in 1976)

Jim Dix (inducted in 1995)*

Donnie Dobbs (inducted in 2004)

Monroe Douglass (inducted in 1995)

Bob Ferry (inducted in 1994)

Gerry Garrison (inducted in 2000)

Jack Joseph Genetti (inducted in 1994)*

Roland Gray (inducted in 1995)

Jeff Harris (inducted in 2003)

Scott Highmark (inducted in 2001)

Larry Hughes (inducted in 2004)

Jim Irving (inducted in 1997)

Jack Joyce (inducted in 1976)*

Tom Kieffer (inducted in 1997)

Jerry Koch (inducted in 1994)

Lou Lehman (inducted in 1994)

Kevin Lisch (inducted in 2015)

Justin Love (inducted in 2009)

Dave Luechtefeld (inducted in 1997)^

Ed Macauley (inducted in 1976)

Glen Mankowski (inducted in 1994)

Carlos Martinez (inducted in 2003)

Pete McCaffrey (inducted in 1994)

Dr. Edward J. McCormick (inducted in 1996)^

Lewis McKinney (inducted in 1997)

Jim McLaughlin (inducted in 1994)

Dan Miller (inducted in 1994)

Jack Mimlitz (inducted in 1994)

Eugene Moore (inducted in 1995)

Sid Mudd (inducted in 1976)

Rich Niemann (inducted in 1995)

Bob Nordmann (inducted in 2005)

Ken “Barney” Oldfield (inducted in 2000)

Barry Orms (inducted in 2002)

Joe Ossola (inducted in 1995)*

Rich Parks (inducted in 1994)

Marque Perry (inducted in 2009)

Hank Raymonds (inducted in 1976)

Donnell Reid (inducted in 1994)^

Harry Rogers (inducted in 1994)

Marv Schatzman (inducted in 1995)*

Bob Schmidt (inducted in 1995)

Al Serkin (inducted in 2001)

Grady Smith (inducted in 1995)

Ray Sonnenberg (inducted in 1994)^

Tom Stanton (inducted in 1976)

Ray Steiner (inducted in 1995)

Ham Strong (inducted in 1976)

Joe Todd (inducted in 1998)

H Waldman (inducted in 2001)

John Waller, Jr. (inducted in 1999)*^

D.C. Wilcutt (inducted in 1995)

Joe Wiley (inducted in 1994)


Kate Butler (inducted in 1994)

Jamie Cavaness (inducted in 2007)

Dawn Elser (inducted in 1999)*

Kelly George (inducted in 2005)

Julie Hacker-Buehne (inducted in 1996)

Shatoya Likely (inducted in 2013)

Theresa (Lisch) Meacham (inducted in 2015)

Lynette Pestel (inducted in 2007)

Arlene Torre (inducted in 1994)*


Wendy (Sammons) Combs (inducted in 2009)

Dr. Ellen Crowe (inducted in 2004)

Lynne Dobelman (inducted in 1995)

Sandra (Aden) Schlaker (inducted in 2000)

Beth Winter (inducted in 2003)

Julie (Gering) Zaber (inducted in 1998)


Frankie Acker (inducted in 1995)

Elmer “Beno” Best (inducted in 1999)

Dr. Richard Bockrath (inducted in 1995)^

Frank Boro (inducted in 2004)^

Dennis Cochran (inducted in 1995)*

Dr. George Titus Cornell (inducted in 1976)

Dan Demmas (inducted in 1994)

Joseph “Red” Drabelle (inducted in 1995)

Lou Drone (inducted in 2000)

Jim Finnegan (inducted in 1995)

Jack Joseph Genetti (inducted in 1994)*

Bob Hannegan (inducted in 1995)

George A. Johnson (inducted in 2002)

Jack Joyce (inducted in 1976)*

Vernon Kenny (inducted in 1994)*

Bennie LaPresta (inducted in 1995)

Joe Lintzenich (inducted in 1976)

Bob McCoole (inducted in 1976)

Cecil Muellerleile (inducted in 1995)

Walter Rafalko (inducted in 2000)^

Frank Ramacciotti (inducted in 1976)

Brad Robinson (inducted in 1995)

John Waller, Jr. (inducted in 1999)*^

Dick Weber (inducted in 1999)

Pete Wismann (inducted in 1995)

Artie Zachritz (inducted in 1995)


Bob Cochran (inducted in 1976)*

Evan Frederick (inducted in 2011)


Mario Faubert (inducted in 2005)

Kent Jackson (inducted in 2011)

Rick Kennedy (inducted in 1995)

Vernon Kenny (inducted in 1994)*

Charlie LaBelle (inducted in 2009)

Lindsay Middlebrook (inducted in 2007)

John Nestic (inducted in 1995)

Tom O’Toole, Jr. (inducted in 2015)^


Gene Baker (inducted in 1998)^

Gerry Balassi (inducted in 1995)

Shane Battelle (inducted in 1999)

James Bokern (inducted in 1996)^

Dr. Donald G. Brennan (inducted in 1998)^

Don Ceresia (inducted in 1994)

Joe Clarke (inducted in 1995)

Jason Cole (inducted in 2013)

Dan Counce (inducted in 1994)

Brad Davis (inducted in 2009)

Mark Demling (inducted in 1999)

Jeff DiMaria (inducted in 2007)

John DiRaimondo (inducted in 2015)

Vince Drake (inducted in 1999)^

Don Droege (inducted in 1995)

Jack Dueker (inducted in 1994)

John Eilerman (inducted in 2002)^

Dan Flynn (inducted in 2000)^

Steve Frank (inducted in 1995)

Mark Frederickson (inducted in 1995)

Steve Fuchs (inducted in 1995)

Gene Geimer (inducted in 2004)

Carl Gentile (inducted in 1994)*

Jack Gilsinn (inducted in 2015)

Dennis Hadican (inducted in 2001)

Joe Hamm (inducted in 1995)

John Hayes (inducted in 1995)

Joe Hennessy (inducted in 1994)*

Don Huber (inducted in 1995)

Bruce Hudson (inducted in 1995)

Larry Hulcer (inducted in 1995)

Jack Jewsbury (inducted in 2011)

John Johnson (inducted in 1995)

Kevin Johnston (inducted in 2011)

Kevin Kalish (inducted in 2007)

Jim Kavanaugh (inducted in 2015)^

Chris Kenny (inducted in 1995)

Ty Keough (inducted in 1994)

Jack Kinealy (inducted in 1994)

John Klein (inducted in 1995)

Jerry Knobbe (inducted in 1995)

Steve Kuntz (inducted in 1997)

Dan Leahy (inducted in 1994)*^

Pat Leahy (inducted in 1994)

Tim Logush (inducted in 2007)

Bob Malone (inducted in 1995)

Tom Mataya (inducted in 2005)

Bob Matteson (inducted in 1995)

Brian McBride (inducted in 1999)

Pat McBride (inducted in 1994)

Bill McKeon (inducted in 1995)

Matt McKeon (inducted in 2002)

John Michalski (inducted in 1995)

Jim Murphy (inducted in 2002)*

Ed Neusel (inducted in 1999)

Kevin Quigley (inducted in 2005)

Gary Rensing (inducted in 1997)

Steve Rick (inducted in 1995)

Bruce Rudroff (inducted in 1995)

Mark Santel (inducted in 1996)

Mike Seerey (inducted in 1994)

Dipsy Selolwane (inducted in 2009)

Mike Sorber (inducted in 1998)

Steve Sullivan (inducted in 1995)

Jim Tietjens (inducted in 1995)

Anthony Tocco (inducted in 2000)^

Bob Trigg (inducted in 1995)

Al Trost (inducted in 1994)

Tom Trost (inducted in 1995)

Bill Vieth (inducted in 1995)

Denny Werner (inducted in 2002)

Wally Werner (inducted in 1995)

Chuck Zorumski (inducted in 2003)^


Meghann Burke (inducted in 2009)

Kelly Ferguson (inducted in 2013)

Courtney (Hulcer) Sweetin (inducted in 2015)

Jamie (Perry) Pusateri (inducted in 2013)

Kelly Young (inducted in 2007)


Beth (Yagee) Conrod (inducted in 2011)

Dawn Elser (inducted in 1999)

Nicole (Bohnenstiehl) Pinaire (inducted in 2011)


Meg Baudendistel, Meg (inducted in 1995)

Dr. Robert Heidt, Jr. (inducted in 2013)^

Megan (Capellupo) Lehr (inducted in 2011)

Nora (Carr) McLaughlin (inducted in 1999)


Ed Frank, Jr. (inducted in 2000)

Wilbur H. Jenkins, Jr. (inducted in 1996)

Marco Molinari (inducted in 1999)^


Meg Gleason (inducted in 2011)

Vernon Kenny (inducted in 1994)*

George Murray (inducted in 1995)

Richard Murray (inducted in 1995)


Stephanie Fuelner (inducted in 2005)

Colleen Hunter (inducted in 2009)

Janet Darpel Leigh (inducted in 2011)

Sammi McCloud (inducted in 2015)

Laura (Risely) Mudd (inducted in 2009)

Arlene Torre (inducted in 1994)*


Larry Albus (inducted in 1994)

Joe Bannister (inducted in 1992)

Bob Bauman (inducted in 1976)

John Benington (inducted in 1994)

Mike Beczkala (inducted in 2007)

Jack Buck (inducted in 2001)

Dr. Robert Burdge (inducted in 1994)

Bob Burnes (inducted in 1987)

August A. Busch, III (inducted in 1991)

August A. Busch, Jr. (inducted in 1991)

Eddie Cochems (inducted in 1995)

William Cribbin (inducted in 1996)

Dukes Duford (inducted in 1995)

Walter Eberhardt (inducted in 1995)

John Flanigan (inducted in 1995)

Rich Grawer (inducted in 1997)

Bob Guelker (inducted in 1979)

Tom Gunn (inducted in 2015)

Robert R. Hermann (inducted in 2015)

Ed Hickey (inducted in 1979)

George Hoffman (inducted in 2001)

Bill Hopfinger (inducted in 1998)

Harry Keough (inducted in 1994)

Bernard Kniest (inducted in 1995)

Al Kracht (inducted in 1996)

Roy Lee (inducted in 1994)

Dennis P. Long (inducted in 1987)

The Luechtefeld Family (inducted in 2011)

Jan Mangelsdorf (inducted in 1994)

Bill McDermott (inducted in 1992)

Monsignor Louis F. Meyer (inducted in 2009)

Robert Mosher (inducted in 2000)

John O’Brien (inducted in 2001)

Val Pelizzaro (inducted in 2003)

Bob Ramsey (inducted in 2009)

Robert E. Ryan, Jr., M.D. (inducted in 1990)

Joe Savan (inducted in 1979)

Bill Selman (inducted in 1994)

Michael F. Shanahan, Sr. (inducted in 1989)

Bill Slattery (inducted in 1998)

Charlie Spoonhour (inducted in 2005)

Don Stephen (inducted in 1995)

John Krey Stephens (inducted in 1999)

Bob Stewart (inducted in 1994)

Hank Stroer (inducted in 1995)

J. Kim Tucci (inducted in 1989)

John G. Walsh (inducted in 1988)

Bob Weis (inducted in 1997)

Debbie Yow (inducted in 2003)


1906 Football Team (inducted in 1996)

1947-48 Men’s Basketball Team (inducted in 1996)

1951-52 Men’s Basketball (inducted in 1999)

1959 Men’s Soccer Team (inducted in 1996)

1960 Men’s Soccer Team (inducted in 2015)

1962 Men’s Soccer Team (inducted in 2000)

1965 Baseball (inducted in 1997)

1965 Men’s Soccer Team (inducted in 2005)

1969 Men’s Soccer Team (inducted in 2004)

1970-71 Men’s Basketball Team (inducted in 2004)

1972 Men’s Soccer Team (inducted in 1998)

1976-77 Women’s Swim Team (inducted in 2001)

1978-79 Field Hockey Team (inducted in 2002)

1991 Men’s Soccer Team (inducted in 2013)

1993-94 Men’s Basketball Team (inducted in 2005)

1994-95 Men’s Basketball Team (inducted in 2003)

1999 Women’s Soccer Team (inducted in 2007)

1999-2000 Men’s Basketball Team (inducted in 2011)

2005 Women’s Soccer Team (inducted in 2013)

2006 Baseball Team (inducted in 2015)

2006 Volleyball Team (inducted in 2015)

* multiple-sport student-athlete
^ inducted in the Distinguished Alum category