Study hall is required for most incoming student-athletes and may be required for returning student-athletes based on grade point average. In addition, head coaches and your academic coordinator within Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services may require student-athletes whose academic performance is in need of assistance to attend study hall on a term-by-term basis.

Earning study hall hours is flexible according to your class schedule and study habits. You get to choose the day and time you study unless you have structured study hall hours. You may be required to earn anywhere from two to eight hours per week. 

The purpose of athletic academic monitoring is to monitor the academic performance of student-athletes to guide them toward academic success. Academic progress is monitored for all first-year student-athletes and for select returning student-athletes as determined by the head coach and Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services. Academic progress may be checked at any time; however, it is primarily evaluated at or about the fifth and 10th weeks of the semester.

Faculty may receive either electronic (Gradesfirst), written or oral requests for information concerning a student-athlete’s academic status/progress. This request will be made directly by Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services staff.  Inquiries will not be made by coaches. 

The purpose of mandatory academic advising is to ensure Billiken student-athletes maintain and complete the proper requisites for graduation. Primary academic advisors and faculty mentors are valuable resources for student-athletes regarding the requirements to graduate. Student-athletes must receive academic curriculum advice from their primary academic advisor at least once each semester to ensure that they are on track to graduate.

In addition to ensuring that student-athletes enroll in requisite classes, the primary academic advisor and faculty mentor assist student-athletes in selecting and preparing a plan or program of study. Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services supplements the information of the college or department by ensuring:

  1. That student-athletes are in compliance with the requisite number of hours needed to satisfy the requirements of the NCAA, and
  2. That the class schedule of the student-athlete does not conflict with practice or competition schedules.

Travel Letters
Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services will provide student-athletes with travel letters at the start of their semester of competition. Student-athletes are responsible for communicating with their instructors as early in the semester as possible about team travel. Travel letters will consists of two travel letters stapled together. Student-athletes should ask faculty members to sign one travel letter confirming that they received the letter and will work with the student-athlete regarding missed class time and assignments. Student-athletes should return the signed letter to their academic coordinator.  Instructors may keep the second travel letter for their reference.   

Exams on the road are necessary to provide student-athletes with opportunities to make up examinations or other graded in-class work when they miss a class or final exam due to University-sponsored activities.

Student-athletes who participate in University-sanctioned activities that require classes to be missed should be given opportunities to make up examinations and other graded in-class work.

Should a faculty member request that the student-athlete take an exam while traveling, Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services will secure a proctor and the appropriate documentation/contract to proctor the exam according to the faculty member’s instructions. If an instructor says that a student-athlete may take an exam on the road, the student-athlete should notify their academic coordinator as soon as possible. Then the academic coordinator will work out the details with the instructor, and the student-athlete just needs to worry about studying for the exam.

Disability Services
Disability Services, housed within the Student Success Center, partners with students, faculty, academic departments and service providers to facilitate equal access and opportunity to all University programs, services and experiences. They coordinate auxiliary aids and services to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Their goal is to create a safe and supportive campus community for students with disabilities. All inquiries about the availability of reasonable university-related accommodations are kept confidential and should be addressed to Disability Services at (314) 977-3484 or Disability Services is located in Busch Student Center, suite 331.

Saint Louis University provides support to students with temporary conditions (i.e. concussions) to meet their needs on a case-by-case basis.  Information regarding the process to request temporary accommodations can be found on the main Disability Services web page 

Accommodations must be renewed on annual basis, however, new documentation is not required. Medical documentation is valid for five years from issue date.

The content of Disability Services’ website is compatible for screenreading with the ChromeVox extension for Google Chrome.

Testing Centers
Saint Louis University has two Testing Centers. The North Campus Testing Center is located in Des Peres Hall room 105, and the South Campus Testing Center is located in School of Nursing Building room 114.

The Testing Centers are a resource available to course instructors and students who need to coordinate equal access exam accommodations, including quiet testing space, computer use for essay exams, and reader and/or writer upon request. These accommodations are provided to students previously registered with and approved for accommodations by Disability Services. Students must get approval for reasonable exam accommodations from Disability Services prior to requesting accommodated exam services at the Testing Center.

Student-athletes often use the Testing Center when they will be missing an exam due to travel with their team, and their instructor will not allow them to take an exam on the road.

Services are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Because the Testing Center is an optional supportive resource, exams cannot be scheduled earlier or later than the hours of operation. For exams that need to occur earlier or later than 8 a.m. or 4:30 p.m., course instructors will need to either proctor the exam within the department or adjust the time of the exam to fit within the hours of operation. Proctors are only present during times when exams are scheduled.

Remember to turn in testing forms at least one week in advance!

English Language center
The English Language Center provides specialized writing support for all Saint Louis University students whose native language is not English.

In one-on-one consultations and group workshops, the center’s staff can assist you with many language-related areas, including classwork, TOEFL and SLUWE test-taking strategies, multimedia projects, grammatical accuracy, research skills and conversation practice.

The English Language Center is open from the second week of each semester through the last day of classes. It is closed on official University holidays and over breaks. 

Appointments are scheduled through “SLU Appointments,” which is on the “Tools” tab of mySLU. Appointments are limited to one per day and two per week.

Writing Consultations
In a one-on-one consultation with an English Language Center consultant, you will develop strategies to become a more capable and proficient writer. We also can help you prioritize your writing needs and assess your individual strengths and weaknesses as a writer.

Consultants will help you identify error patterns in your writing and develop strategies to correct these errors, but will not edit your papers.

Make an appointment through SLU Appointments, found on the “Tools” tab of mySLU.