Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Information and Forms

Q.What medical forms or items do I need to send to the Athletics Department?

A. The following items need to be returned to the Athletics Department:
1.SLU Incoming Freshmen/Transfer Student-Athlete Medical Documentation
2. A copy of the student-athlete's insurance card (front and back),

Q. When do I need to turn in the four items listed above?

A. Send in these items by July 1 OR prior to your physical appointment on campus with the SLU athletics medical staff. Mail them to:
Saint Louis University
Attn: Sports Medicine
3330 Laclede Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103
Or fax them to (314) 977-3183

Q. Should I get a physical from my current doctor?
A. No, all freshman and transfer student-athletes must receive a physical from the SLU athletics medical staff.

Q. How do I sign up for a physical with the SLU athletics medical staff?
A. Contact the Certified Athletic Trainer for your sport inform them that you are an incoming student-athlete who needs to sign up for a physical.

Q. When should I get my physical?
A. A Sports Medicine physician will be available on select days during the summer. We recommend getting your physical when you attend SLU 101. Contact the SLU athletics medical staff at (314) 977-3295 to let them know when you are scheduled for SLU 101 or to make alternate arrangements for your physical.

Q. Do I need to have a physical to practice?
A. Yes. You MUST have clearance from the SLU athletics medical staff before you are able to practice with your team.

Q. When do I have to submit these medical forms?
A. As soon as you are able. If forms are not submitted prior to school starting, you will be at risk of having your fall classes dropped and having your student account charged for health insurance.

Q. Does every student need to have medical insurance?
A. Yes.

Q. What if the student is currently uninsured or underinsured?
A. SLU provides the opportunity for students to purchase insurance. Applications and additional information can be found at the Student Health and Counseling website:

Q. What happens if I get injured while practicing/competing as a student-athlete at SLU?
A. Your insurance is your primary coverage and SLU carries secondary insurance. If you are injured while practicing/competing at SLU, your primary insurance company will be billed first before SLU's secondary insurance is utilized.

Q. What if my insurance coverage changes once I am at SLU?
A. If your insurance coverage changes, updated information including a copy (front and back) of your new insurance card should be immediately send to Jonathan Burch via fax at (314) 977-3183 OR via mail at the following address:
Jonathan Burch, Director of Sports Medicine
Saint Louis University
3330 Laclede Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103

Q. Which staff athletic trainer works with my sport and how do I contact him/her with questions?

Jonathan Burch - (314) 977-3295 for Men's Basketball, Cross Country

Tammy Pastor - (314) 977-7265 for Volleyball, Men's and Women's Track and Field and Spirit Teams

TBD -  for Women's Basketball, Field Hockey and Men's and Women's Tennis

Angie Wills - (314) 977-7018 for Men's Soccer and Baseball

Lizzy Kienstra - (314)977-9536 for Women's Soccer, softball and Men's/Women's Swimming and Diving