Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Orientation/Fall Registration

Q. What is SLU 101 (or SLU 301 for transfers)?
A. SLU 101 is a summer program in which students (and parents, if desired) are oriented to SLU. Students will meet their academic advisors for the first time and register for fall classes.

Q. How do I sign up for SLU 101 or 301?
A. Once you are admitted, sign up online for SLU 101 or SLU 301 at

Q. Does it matter which session I sign up for?
A. Sign up for the earliest session that fits your summer schedule. This allows you the best opportunity to secure appropriate courses for the fall semester.

Q. What if I can't make any of the SLU 101 sessions this summer?
A. Please call Academic Services at (314) 977-2370 to arrange a time to get registered for fall classes via phone. Phone registration won't occur until mid-July, after all sessions of SLU 101.

Q. What times should I try to schedule my classes so I don't miss practice and I minimize missed classes due to team travel?
A. Contact your coach directly for that information. Also, remind your advisor that you are a student-athlete when you register.