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Online Account Manager
Courtesy: Saint Louis Athletics  
Release: 08/10/2011

Season Ticket Account Manager

You are now able to manage your season ticket account online. Just click the button and follow the instructions below.

As a season ticket holder you have already established an account with us. In order to manage your account online please follow this tutorial below to link your online account with your season ticket holder account. You will need your Account Number and your Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you do not have this information, please contact the Billiken Ticket Office at 314-977-1260 or by email at tickets@slu.edu.

Once you have established your online account you can do a number of things with your online account including paying invoices, transferring seats via email and viewing your order history. The transferring seats option is only available during the basketball season, so information on how to transfer seats will be available at that time. Click the tutorial below for information about renewing your men's basketball season tickets.


Online Account Manager

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