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          Release: 08/10/2011
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Saint Louis University deeply appreciates your financial support and volunteer hours, all of which enhance our athletics program. Your support greatly benefits the women and men student-athletes who participate in the University's 18 intercollegiate programs.

However, your assistance is needed in another area. Saint Louis must carefully control and monitor the involvement of persons inside and outside the University in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes as well as their involvement with current student-athletes.

Are you a representative of the University's athletics interests?
You are considered a representative of the University's athletics interests (a booster) if you:


  • are or have been a member of any organization promoting the SLU department of athletics;


  • have ever made a donation to the department of athletics, a Billiken men's or women's sport program or any SLU booster organization;


  • have ever assisted in evaluating or recruiting prospects;


  • have ever helped to arrange employment or have provided employment to enrolled student-athletes, prospects or a prospect's parents or relatives;


  • have promoted the University's athletics program.

    Once you become a representative of the University's athletics interests, you retain this status forever and are bound by NCAA, Atlantic 10 Conference and University rules. Saint Louis University is responsible for your actions!

    Any violation of those rules and regulations by a representative of the University's athletics interests could result in sanctions for the Saint Louis University department of intercollegiate athletics and/or its student-athletes. In an effort to ensure that the institution you support is in compliance with NCAA regulations, here are some helpful "DO NOTS."

    Contacts With Currently Enrolled Student-Athletes
    DO NOT provide a student-athlete or his/her relatives or friends any benefit or special arrangement (e.g., use of an automobile, employment arrangement for relatives, cash, gifts of clothing). The NCAA considers these "extra benefits," and they are specifically prohibited.

    DO NOT provide payment of expenses (e.g., room, board, transportation) for friends or relatives to visit student-athletes where they are enrolled.

    DO NOT expend funds to entertain student-athletes or their friends or relatives, except for infrequent occasional home meals provided to enrolled student-athletes as specified by the NCAA.

    DO NOT use the name or picture of an enrolled student-athlete to directly advertise, recommend or promote sales or the use of a commercial product or service of any kind. Even the SALE of a picture of an enrolled student-athlete would jeopardize the student's eligibility.

    DO NOT provide any payment of expense or loan of any automobile for a student-athlete to return home or to any other location for ANY reason.

    DO NOT provide awards or gifts to student-athletes for their athletic performance. All awards must conform to NCAA regulations and must be approved by the institution.


    Contacts With High School and Community College Student-Athletes
    DO NOT make any contact with a prospect or the prospect's family on or off campus. If a coach has a prospect at an athletic event, you should not approach the coach until the prospect and his or her family have gone elsewhere. If you are approached by a prospect off-campus regarding the institution's athletics program, suggest that the prospect contact the institution for information.

    DO NOT become directly or indirectly involved in making arrangements for a prospect or the prospect's relatives or friends to receive money or financial aid of any kind.

    DO NOT transport, or pay or arrange for payment of transportation costs for, a prospect or the prospect's relatives or friends to visit campus or elsewhere.

    DO NOT provide room and/or board, transportation of any kind or any other benefit to a prospect during the summer prior to enrollment.

    DO NOT provide ANYTHING to or for a prospect, or the prospect's relatives or friends, without first checking with the institution's athletics department.

    DO NOT provide tickets, transportation or entertainment for high school, prep school, AAU or community college COACHES at ANY location.

    DO NOT contact an enrolled student-athlete at another institution for the purpose of encouraging him/her to transfer and participate in another institution's athletics program.


    Employment of Prospective and Enrolled Student-Athletes
    DO NOT employ or arrange for the employment of a prospect or enrolled student-athlete without checking first with the department of athletics.

    DO NOT provide transportation for prospects or student-athletes whom you employ unless transportation is provided for all other employees.


    Ask before you act!
    Please call the SLU compliance office at (314) 977-3265 if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support!

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