Who is a Booster?

·         ► A person who has participated in or is a member of an agency or organization that promotes SLU's intercollegiate athletics program;

·         ► A person who has made financial contributions to SLU's athletics department or to an athletics booster organization of SLU; (e.g., Billiken Club)

·         ► A person who has assisted or has been asked by a SLU Athletics Department staff member to assist in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes;

·         ► A person who has helped provide benefits to enrolled SLU student-athletes or their families; or

·         ► A person who has been involved in promoting SLU's athletics program.

REMEMBER: Once a booster, ALWAYS a booster!!!

Who is a Prospective Student-Athlete ("Prospect")?

·         ► An individual who has started classes for the 9th grade;

·         ► An individual who has not started classes for the 9th grade, but has been provided by SLU some sort of financial assistance or other benefits that the institution does not provide to prospective students generally.

When is a Student-Athlete no longer a Prospect?

·         ► When the individual officially registers and enrolls in a minimum full-time program of studies and attends classes in any term of a four-year institution's regular academic year; (excluding summer)

·         ► When the individual participates in a regular squad practice or competition at a four-year collegiate institution that occurs before the beginning of any term;

·         ► When the individual officially registers, enrolls and attends classes during the certifying institution’s summer term prior to his or her initial full-time enrollment at the certifying institution; OR

·         ► When the individual reports to an institutional orientation session that is open to all incoming students within 14 calendar days prior to the opening day of classes of a regular academic year term.

Rules for Boosters Regarding PROSPECTIVE Student-Athletes

A. Things you are allowed to do (Permissible):

·         ► Attend junior or senior high school or junior college athletic events;

·         ► Talk with a prospect on the telephone IF the call is initiated by the prospect;

·         ► Continue contact with a prospect IF you have had an established relationship (friend, neighbor, godparent, etc.) prior to the individual becoming a prospect;

·         ► Contact SLU about outstanding prospects from your local area;

·         ► Contact a prospect about summer job arrangements after the prospect has signed a National Letter of Intent. Please check with SLU Athletics Department before you do so.

B. Things you are NOT allowed to do (Impermissible):

·         ► Contact a prospect or his/her parents while in attendance at the prospect's athletics contest;

·         ► Evaluate a prospect;

·         ► Initiate or have a SLU staff member arrange a telephone call with a prospect;

·         ► Write or mail anything (including social media posts) to prospects or their parents, legal guardian(s), or relatives to encourage them to enroll at SLU;

·         ► Pick up film or transcripts pertaining to the prospect's athletic or academic abilities;

·         ► Provide prospects or their families or friends with any gifts (meals, clothing, transportation, etc.);

·         ► Invite or bring a prospect, even your son or daughter, to an alumni function without first checking with SLU's Athletics Department to see if it is okay to do so.

Helpful Hints when Speaking to Prospects and their Parents:

·         ► Do NOT initiate conversation with prospects or their parents, unless NCAA rules permit. This can only lead to trouble and a possible NCAA violation;

·         ► Do NOT speak about SLU Athletics programs. Instead, tell the prospect to contact SLU's Athletics Department;

·         ► Try to limit your conversation to normal civilities;

·         ► Do NOT try to recruit the prospect to SLU. Not only is it an NCAA violation to even attempt to recruit, but our coaches would appreciate it if you would leave the recruiting to them.

Rules for Boosters Regarding CURRENT SLU Student-Athletes

A. Permissible Things to do:

·         ► Employ a student-athlete. Please check with SLU Athletics Department before you do so;

·         ► Provide an occasional meal (it can be catered) in your home to a student-athlete or an entire team. However, prior approval must be obtained from SLU Athletics Department before you can invite student-athletes over for a meal;

·         ► Invite current student-athletes to attend alumni functions. Prior approval must be obtained from SLU Athletics Department.                   

B. Things you are NOT Allowed to do:

·         ► Contact student-athletes who are enrolled at other four-year institutions for the purpose of recruiting them to SLU;

·         ► Use the name or picture of a student-athlete to directly or indirectly advertise, recommend or promote the sale or use of a commercial product or service;

·         ► Provide any extra benefits or special arrangements to student-athletes or their families and friends.

Things that the NCAA considers Extra Benefits:

► Providing discounts or credit on purchases to a student-athlete

► Providing free or reduced-cost services (i.e., services provided at less than the normal rate)

► Providing telephone access and credit cards to a student-athlete without charge or at a reduced cost

► Permitting a student-athlete to use your personal property

► Providing money either by gift or by loan to a student-athlete

► Providing any other tangible items (e.g., clothes, tickets, meals)

► Providing free or reduced rate housing for a student-athlete

REMEMBER: If you are not sure whether you can do something, please call Arike Mercer, Assistant Athletics Director/Compliance at (314) 977-3509 or email We would rather you be safe than sorry!