Saint Louis University Athletics will use the Billiken Club Priority Points System to allocate priority points used to prioritize ticket purchasing privileges prior to the Current Fiscal Year. (The fiscal year begins July 1.) This is the same priority plan used for all season tickets, tournament tickets and away game tickets.

The purpose of the Billiken Club Priority Points System is to fairly assign a priority ranking to entities that have made the commitment to and investment in Billiken Athletics through the purchase of season tickets, charitable giving and other restricted athletic financial support of Billiken Athletics. Priority ranking is used to fairly allocated the benefits of supporting the Billikens (e.g., seat assignments, parking, post-season ticket access, etc.)

The Point System:
Points are calculated on a per account basis. Points are non-transferable, and an existing account will carry accumulated point total into the new plan.

  • 1 point awarded for every $50 per current active membership of Billiken Club or athletic endowment
  • 1 point award for every $100 per restricted gift, unless given special project privilege determined by athletic administration
  • 2 points awarded for each consecutive year of Billiken Club membership, starting July 1 of the current fiscal year, for a gift at the same or greater level
  • 3 bonus points for increasing membership level
  • 3 points awarded for each men's basketball season ticket purchased
  • 1 point awarded for each season ticket purchased to men's soccer, women's soccer, women's basketball or volleyball
  • 3 points for individual entry to any Saint Louis University Athletics golf tournament, i.e., Baseball Alumni Golf Tournament, Billiken Golf Classic, etc.
  • 1 point awarded for every $100 restricted marketing and promotions cash sponsorship to Billiken Athletics
  • 1 point awarded for every $200 restricted marketing and promotions trade sponsorship to Billiken Athletics
  • 5 points awarded for every $1000 secured through personal solicitation or through Billiken Blitz fund-drive
  • 2 points awarded for every new member brought into Billiken Club (member's name must appear on pledge card or donor must stipulate by whom they were solicited to join the Billiken Club)
  • 1 point awarded per $100 dollar value of any gift-in-kind donation used by Billiken Athletics
  • .5 point awarded for every Billiken Club Sponsored fundraising event
  • 20 points - One-time allocation for being SLU alum once account is established
  • 10 points awarded for five years consecutive service as SLU faculty/staff (one-time)

    Other Provisions
    Current year Billiken Club Membership level, annual donations and restricted athletic sport support points are determined based on the year ending June 30th.

    Only purchased tickets qualify for treatment as a season ticket.

    Accounts credited for donations and purchasers' names must be consistent with the names of the buyer of season tickets and donor information.

    The privilege to benefit from the priority points is not transferable. An exception is a surviving spouse may continue point privileges for his/her personal use only. The surviving spouse may not transfer points to any other individual.

    When a large donation is made during one year, the donor may request that all Billiken Club membership and annual donation credit be spread over more than one year. For purposes of the Priority Points System, points will be awarded as if the donation were made during the year Billiken Club credit is granted.

    Billiken Club members will receive priority over non Billiken Club members.

    To receive benefits from the Billiken Club Priority Points System, an entity must be an active Billiken Club member.



    What led to the change in the Billiken Club Priority Points System?
    The former Billiken Club points system was not an equitable way to for an individual to be rewarded for his/her investment in Billiken Athletics. Our office wanted to ensure that all athletic programs were supported equally within the Billiken Club Priority Points System.

    Does any donation include the purchase of tickets?
    No. Tickets must be purchased at the established price in addition to donations.

    I have been buying tickets under someone else's name and making donations in that person's name. Will these past donations give me any credit within the points system?
    No. Each donor and/or season ticket holder should maintain his or her own account. The Billiken Club office cannot be responsible for determining donations and ticket purchases through another party. We strongly encourage individuals to establish season ticket accounts that coincide with current Billiken Club memberships.

    I want to purchase tickets to postseason events that Saint Louis University is associated with. How is that done?
    All tickets for postseason events associated with Saint Louis University are assigned through the Billiken Club Priority Points system.

    Are gifts to the Billiken Club tax deductible?
    Yes to the extent allowed by the law. We suggest that you consult your individual tax advisor for deductibility.