The NCAA Division I athletics certification program is a year-long, campus-wide effort study of an athletics program. It covers governance and commitment to rules compliance, academic integrity, gender/diversity and student-athlete well-being. While academic accreditation is common for colleges and universities, this program focuses solely on certification of athletics programs. Following a two-year pilot project, the NCAA Division I membership overwhelmingly supported the program and its standards at the 1993 NCAA Convention. SLU completed certification self-studies in 1997 and 2002. The current self-study is the third in the certification process for SLU. At the 1997 Convention, the NCAA Division I membership voted to change the frequency of athletics certification from once every five years to once every 10 years.

The athletics certification program's purpose is to help ensure integrity in the institution's athletics operations. The program opens athletics to the rest of the university community and to the public. Institutions benefit by increasing campus-wide awareness and knowledge of the athletics program, confirming its strengths and developing plans to improve areas of concern.

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There are 54 individuals associated with SLU's NCAA certification process. The committee responsible for the study is comprised of vice president for student development Kent Porterfield, Ed.D., chair of the steering committee; various members of the University's faculty and staff; and athletics department personnel. Porterfield will oversee three subcommittees chaired by Joe Weixlmann, Ph.D., English department faculty; Paaige Turner, Ph.D., assistant VP of Frost Campus; and Jennifer Scheessele, director of diversity and affirmative action. The names of the committee members are below.

Steering Committee
Kent Porterfield, Ed.D. - Vice President, Student Development, CHAIR
Lawrence Biondi, S.J. - President
Michael Ross, Ph.D. - Faculty Athletics Representative
Chris May - Director of Athletics
Janet Oberle - Associate Director of Athletics, Senior Woman Administrator
Femi John - Student-Athlete, men's basketball
Ashley Gaillot - Student-Athlete, volleyball
Joe Weixlmann, Ph.D. - Chair, Governance & Rules Compliance & Report Writer
Paaige Turner, Ph.D. - Chair, Academic Standards & Support
Jennifer Scheessele - Chair, Gender, Diversity & Student Welfare
Jill Redmond - Atlantic 10, Director of Compliance
Norman White, Ph.D. - Professor, Sociology & Criminal Justice
Lisa Miller - Sr. Administrative Assistant / Campus Contact

Governance & Rules Compliance
Joe Weixlmann, Ph.D. - Chair, Professor, English
Janice Barnes - Associate Director, Student Financial Services
Janice Crawford - Assistant VP, Business Services
Sandra Johnson, J.D. - Interim Dean, Law School
Scott Kaar, M.D. - Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Head Team Physician
Bob Krizek, Ph.D. Professor & Department Chair, Communication
Charlotte Royeen, Ph.D. - Dean, Doisy College of Health Sciences
Joe Wiley - Alumnus, former men's basketball student-athlete
Michael Ross, Ph.D. - ex-officio member/FAR

Academic Standards & Support
Paaige Turner, Ph.D. - Chair, Assistant VP, Frost Campus
Ramon Blakley - Sr. Associate Director, Admissions
Judy Durham, Ph.D. - Professor, Chemistry / Executive Committee Member of Faculty Senate
Stephen Lamkin - Assistant Director, Academic Resource Center
Donna LaVoie, Ph.D. - Associate Dean, Arts & Science
Jessica Matistic - Academic Services Manager, Parks College
Terri Murray, Ph.D., R.N. - Dean, School of Nursing
Shelley Sawalich,Ph.D. - Director, Academic Support
Gretchen Salsich, Ph.D. - Professor, Physical Therapy & Athletic Training
Brandon Morris - ex-officio member/Director of Athletic Academic Services

Gender, Diversity & Student Athlete Welfare
(*asterisk denotes group focused on Student Athlete Welfare within committee)
Jennifer Scheessele - Chair, Director, Diversity and Affirmative Action
Marty Brennan - Professor - Communication Sciences and Disorders
LaTanya Buck - Director, Cross Cultural Center
Kathy Hagedorn - Athletics Donor representative
Tassos Kaburakis, J.D. - Professor, John Cook School of Business
Mark Pais - Student-Athlete, men's soccer
Danielle Uy, J.D. - Associate General Counsel
*Tony Breitbach, Ph.D. - Professor, Physical Therapy & Athletic Training
*Eric Anderson - Director, Campus Recreation
*Claudia Charles - Counselor, Student Health and Counseling
*Brittney Cloudy - Student-Athlete, Track & Field
*Scott Smith, Ph.D. - Associate VP, Student-Development & Dean of Students
*Michael Shaner, Ph.D. - Professor, John Cook School of Business
*Paul Stark, S.J. - Vice President, Mission and Ministry
Janet Oberle - ex-officio member/Associate Director of Athletics, Senior Woman Administrator