Billiken and Spirit Team Request Policy 

Billiken and Spirit Team Request Form
All requests for the Billiken and/or Saint Louis University Spirit Team must be made using the Billiken and Spirit Team Request Form found on

Request Timeline
All requests must be made a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. Requests are subject to the availability. Request submissions do not guarantee an appearance from either party.

The fees associated with the event are based on the type of appearance. Student Organizations and University appearances are $20 per hour.  Payments can be made through an IDO.
External appearances outside the scope of Saint Louis University, such as wedding, birthday parties, business openings, races, charity events, etc. are $100 per hour.  Payments can be made with cash, credit card, or check. If paying with a check, please make the check payable to Saint Louis University Athletics.

Mileage and Travel
Requests are only to be accepted if the event takes place in a 40 mile range of Saint Louis University. Reimbursement of necessary fees such as parking is required.

Additional Requirements
An on-site contact needs to be available to escort the Billiken upon its arrival.
Secure parking and a secure changing room must be provided for the Billiken and/or spirit teams.
Water must be provided to all performers at all events.The Billiken is only allowed to be in the costume a maximum of one hour before taking a break.

The Billiken and the Spirit Teams are representatives of Saint Louis University. Therefore, they reserve the right to not participate in any event or activity that they deem unsafe, inappropriate, or harmful to the University.
Use of the University marks or logos for the publicity of the event must be approved by the Saint Louis University Athletics Department beforehand.
No refund will be given once the appearance has been confirmed by both parties.
The Billiken costume will only be worn by Saint Louis University Department of Athletics staff members only; it will not be rented or loaned out under any circumstances. 

For more information please email