On December 4th, Saint Louis field hockey hosted its postseason banquet in the Pere Marquette Gallery on the Saint Louis University campus. Below is a list of awards bestowed during the banquet:

Billiken Award - Monica Ryan
For exemplifying the true heart of a Billiken by excelling in the classroom, competing on the field and serving others in the community.

Comeback Award Emily Myers
For consistently overcoming adversity to reach higher levels of excellence whilst demonstrating relentless commitment to the team’s values.

Clark Award - Amanda Clark
For exemplifying all the qualities of the ultimate teammate. One who puts team before self throughout the season.

Bentley-Gibson Award (formerly the Golfball Award*) - Maya Bentley and Caitlin Gibson
For demonstrating a persistent drive that perseveres and displaying outstanding dedication to the Saint Louis University Field Hockey Program

*Maya and Cailtin have taken many “hits” over the years having had a total of three head coaches, three assistant coaches and numerous other challenges in their careers. However, they have persevered. Head coach Danielle Baumgardner has decided to rename this award as the Bentley-Gibson Award. The name will carry into the future as the award is given to players that exemplify persistence, dedication and loyalty to the SLU Field Hockey Program