Missed Class Time

Academics takes precedence over athletics. Per NCAA rules, at no point can a student-athlete miss class due to practice activities, unless it is in conjunction with an away-from-home competition. Practices and competitions should be scheduled to minimize missed class time. The Atlantic 10 Conference and the Department of Athletics avoids scheduling competitions and championships during midterm and final examinations wherever possible. Student-athletes should inform their instructors at the beginning of the semester of any anticipated missed class times. Student-athletes are responsible for determining their instructors' policies and procedures for making up any work associated with missed class time. 

In the event of a conflict between a student-athlete's class requirements (e.g., in-class examination) and a competition or travel to a competition, and the classwork cannot be made up at a later date, alternative arrangements should be explored. For example, if there is a conflict between an examination and a competition at another institution, the student-athlete should consult with the instructor and the athletic academic advisor to determine if the examination can be administered under appropriately secure conditions at the competing institution (e.g., having a SLU staff member who is traveling with the team proctor the exam at the team hotel). In the event that the instructor will not allow the student-athlete to take the examination at a different time or place, the student-athlete may complete the examination during the scheduled examination time at Saint Louis University. 

Exams on the Road

Exams on the road are necessary to provide student-athletes with opportunities to make up examinations or other graded in-class work when they miss a class or final exams because of University-sponsored activities. 

Student-athletes who participate in University-sanctioned activities that require classes to be missed should be given opportunities to make up examinations and other graded in-class work.

Should a faculty member request that the student-athlete take an exam while traveling, Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services will secure a monitor and the appropriate documentation/contract to proctor the exam according to the faculty member's instructions.

Building Relationships with Professors

You are responsible for forming and maintaining positive relationships with your professors. As a Saint Louis University student, you are expected to present yourself in a respectful and dignified manner when dealing with University faculty and staff. 

Introduce yourself to your professors and turn in your travel letter for missed class at the beginning of the semester. When trying to contact a faculty member by phone, email or in person, ALWAYS leave a message if they are unavailable. It is important that there is a record of your attempt to contact a professor. Whenever you reach out to an instructor via email, never leave the subject area of your email empty.

The staff of Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services can act as a liaison between you and your professor. However, you are your best advocate and will find that most professors react more positively when they deal with you directly. 

Notify your professors of conflicts ahead of time (e.g., traveling for competition) or as soon as they arise. By doing so, you will find that most professors are more than willing to work with you.