Tutoring Through Athletics

A variety of tutoring services is available to all student-athletes. The Department of Athletics has employed several upper-class undergraduate and graduate-level tutors to assist in the academic success of its student-athletes. If you are in need of a tutor, simply access your Gradesfirst account and submit a tutor request for that particular class. The coordinator of tutorial services will then match you with a tutor based on the availability you provide and the availability of the tutor. In order to receive tutoring, you MUST use Gradesfirst or go through Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services. Student-athletes should NEVER personally contact a tutor for assistance in their coursework. Student-athletes should NEVER cancel an appointment without consulting Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services first. Any violations of the tutoring policy will result in limited usage, or termination of tutoring services for that particular student-athlete. Tutoring appointments will take place in the Chaifetz Arena Academic Center, the Arena classroom, the Busch Student Center and Pius XII Memorial Library, as deemed necessary.

Keep in mind that tutoring is not just for student-athletes receiving below-average grades. The tutoring staff is available to help you achieve your maximum potential and can make the difference between an "A" or "B," a "B" or "C" and "C" or "D." 

If you have any questions about tutoring or need more information, please contact Tutor Coordinator Heather Freehill at hfreehil@slu.edu or 314/977-7063.

Student Success Center Tutoring Services

Tutoring is not about asking for help, but rather, finding a way to make the greatest impact in your learning and on your grades! FREE tutoring services are available Sunday through Thursday through the Student Success Center in the Busch Student Center. Regardless if you are struggling or trying to pull an A- up to an A, a tutor is available in many of SLU's most challenging courses.

Have classes at the Medical Center? Tutors are also available in the Student Success Center on the Medical Center campus.

To make an appointment, visit SLU Appointments through the MySLU portal and visit the tools section.

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental instruction (SI) is a program through the Student Success Center that offers weekly group-study sessions that are facilitated by a peer leader who has previously taken (and excelled in) the coursework.

The supplemental instruction leader (SI leader) attends the class, talks with the professor, and designs sessions to stimulate the learning process. Unlike TA's for the course, SI leaders are expected to make you an active participant by discussing and practicing weekly material (versus reviewing or re-teaching material).

Through the SI model, you can learn and activate new study skills that will help prepare you for future courses.

This service is free to all students enrolled in the course and appointments are not necessary.

Online Writing Service

The Student Success Center provides free in-person and online consultations to student-athletes who travel. Center personnel listen to student-athletes' concerns and help them find strategies to improve their writing. 

In-person consultations are available in the evening and on weekends at three locations. To make an appointment, visit www.slu.edu/x34507.xml or call 977-3484. 

Online consultations are available based on the following process.

1. Complete the submission form (available on the website).

2. Send your paper via email to writing@slu.edu. Please save your file in doc or docx format.

After these two steps are completed, an online writing consultant will email your work back to you with comments and a brief note. Before you submit your work, be sure the current wait time (listed on the website) fits your timeline for finishing the project. Please note that you don't need a completed draft to use this service. They are happy to look at partial drafts, outlines or prewriting and give you suggestions for developing your ideas.

The nature of the feedback

Since they respect your ownership of your writing and your ideas, they don't "fix" or proofread papers. Instead, they act as an expert audience, responding to your specific concerns about the project; as a set of fresh eyes, they may find things that you missed. Depending on the kind of feedback you request, they might ask questions or point out areas you could clarify, condense or expand. They might also identify recurring problems with grammar or punctuation and point you to resources that explain how to correct them; then it's your job to locate the errors and make corrections.

For more information, please contact Jessica Perolio at jperolio@slu.edu or at 977-2937. 


GradesFirst is an academic advising management system that gathers information in real-time "at the point of instruction." It enables Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services to identify "at-risk" student-athletes and prioritize services for their benefit. Real-time monitoring allows Billiken Student-Athlete Academic Support Services to provide services during the semester, before it is too late to engage students with necessary accommodations. Real-time communication results in a far greater amount of feedback on student-athlete academic performance during the semester when intervention is most effective. With a quick glance at the student-athlete profile page, users can see all advisor, tutor, and faculty interaction with a student-athlete. Additionally, it provides event calendaring, study hall tracking, and advanced reporting. GradesFirst combines the features below:

  • Enhanced Early Alerts - allowing BillikenStudent-Athlete Academic Support Servicesand student-athletes to utilize resources before it is too late.
  • Tutor Management - fast and easy appointment scheduling with text and email reminders. Tutorscan be matched with students based on availability.Session documentation, tutor usage and historical reports are also available.
  • Attendance Monitoring - simple class attendance entry with instant reporting.
  • Advising Center Management - real-time monitoring as students check in/out with a card swipe orstudent ID number. Study Hall Management,real-time and historical reporting are also available.
  • Appointment scheduling - appointment scheduling with integration to your personal calendar.Automatic reminder emails and text messaging alerts.
  • Assignment Tracking - collects syllabus detail, alerting students to upcoming high-impact tests and assignments.
  • Advanced Communication - Facebook integration, SMS text messaging, email, Twitter and RSS feeds.