In the summer of 2011, Saint Louis University was awarded a grant from the NCAA CHOICES program for alcohol education. Through this program, the Responsibillikens were created. The Responsibillikens are a group of student-athletes providing SLU students and the St. Louis community with information on healthy and safe lifestyle decisions concerning alcohol abuse, tobacco use, illegal drug use, and unhealthy sexual practices. 

The Responsibillikens have partnered with SLU's Student Health & Counseling Center, in particular the Alcohol and Drug Education Programs, to create opportunities for alcohol awareness through planned events involving the SLU students and community. Responsibilliken members communicate to their teammates and friends the pitfalls associated with alcohol and drug consumption, as well as any team policies that may be in place. These members are also available for guidance and support, if individuals feel that they may need assistance. If a Responsibilliken feels that there is reason for concern, the appropriate professional will be contacted. The Responsibilliken program is designed to help individuals become successful in all areas, including athletics, academics, and personal growth.

Accountability Pledge

Student-athletes will be asked to sign the following accountability pledge, which was created by the Responsibillikens in an effort to create a more united Department of Athletics.  

B - Be responsible for yourself and your teammate's behaviors and decisions. 

I  - Inform yourself and your peers about the risks of alcohol consumption and other forms of substance abuse.

L - Lead by example and create a positive representation of SLU's athletic department.

L - Live a life dedicated to the improvement of not only yourself, but the Saint Louis community.

S - Strive to excel both on and off the field.